Chaithanya Vidyalaya is managed by Chaithanya Trust (Regd), Kasaragod which is a non profitable charitable organisation. Vidyalaya is situated in a serene and peaceful atmosphere at Rishikshethra near Paichal of Kudlu village 6km away from Kasaragod town. Chaithanya Vidyalaya is recognized under the right of children to free and compulsory education, 2009. As per G.O.(MS)NO.21/2020/GEDN Dated Thiruvananthapuram, 04/02/2020 and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi On 20-01-2021 with affiliation number 931357 and School Number 76373.

At Chaithanya Vidyalaya, education is imparted to children in an environment of freedom. This freedom is experienced by the children on being initiated into meditation at an early age. Apart from regular subjects under NCERT scheme, importance is being given to daily practice of meditation along with other activities like sports and arts. Above all, importance of” living in truth” is emphasized. Classes on Karate, Sports and Games, Instrumental Music, Classical Music, Bharathanatyam, Craft Work etc. are provided to students. Yogasanas are also being taught. All the students, staff and visitors present during lunch hours are given mid- meals. The expenses are voluntarily shared by parents and well wishers. Most of the students belong to economically backward classes. Vidyalaya charges only nominal fee and also provides free education to needy children. They are taught that the purpose of accumulation of knowledge and wealth is also for the welfare of the society. Children are also exposed to spiritual insights of ancient philosophy and rich heritage of India along with the teachings of great masters of the world. India's forgotten heroes are remembered. Children are also given training in agriculture related activities.

At Chaithanya Vidyalaya we have a group of dedicated teachers. Most of the teachers have got basic training which helps them to participate with the children with their own inner freedom. They also meditate with the children. At Chaithanya Vidyalaya each teacher enjoys the freedom of a mother creating an atmosphere of love. They are the real strength of our institution.

"To build a generation who shall willingly lead the nation with their selfless work and sacrifice
wherever they may be, whatever they may be”

Activities for overall development in an atmosphere of freedom and love, exposure to ancient philosophy and rich heritage of India and emphasis on living in truth.

“विद्यया विन्दते अमृतम्”

A manthra from ‘kenopanishath’ which means