> English medium school with C. B. S. E. syllabus.
> School campus with trees and open space to conduct outdoor classes.
> Well equipped library with books on academics, art, literature, history, culture and religion.
> Programs to teach foreign languages like French, German, Arabic etc in addition to English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada & Malayalam.
> Emphasis on meditation, pranayama & yogasana
> Computer Laboratory
> Play ground, swimming pool, skating ring. & other games.
> Educational tours.
> Carpentry workshop.
> Mechanical workshop.
> Pottery and clay modeling workshop
> Micro – Light flying club
> Practical training in agriculture and related subjects
> Involvement of parents in the activities of the school.
> Periodic lectures and demonstrations by noble personalities of society and artists to inspire children.
> Gurukula Residence for students
> Leadership training camps for children

> Rishi Chaithanya Dhyana Mandira - A place for Meditation & Silence
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for yoga & vedic studies
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for religious harmony and spirituality for the study of Geetha, Bible, Koran, Torah, Dhammapada, Gurugranthasaheb etc.
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for fine arts
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for astronomy
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for astrology
> Rishi Chaithanya Sanskrit School and centre for the study of ancient Indian scriptures
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for martial arts including a kalary
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for ayurveda
> Rishi Chaithanya 'Kamadhenu Goshala'
> Rishi Chaithanya centre for natural farming
> Rishi Chaithanya Commune- to live in 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam'
> Rishi Chaithanya Abhaya an orphanage
> Rishi Chaithanya Ashrya an oldage home
> Rishi Chaithanya Aranya - Preserving naturally grown trees and herbs
> Rishi Chaithanya Mathru Seva Program- To protect and serve 'Mother Earth'
> Regular 'sathsangs'
> Organising free medical camps and medical assistance
> Opening educational centers at economically backward areas.
> Printing & Publishing.